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Monopoly Haïti


Boîte de jeu Monopoly Haïti

Zel & Co is pleased to present in world exclusivity

The first official edition of the famous Monopoly game dedicated to Haïti !

2022 limited edition (2000 numbered pieces)

You dreamed of it ?
We did it for you!

Roll the dice and be transported to one of the most beautiful beaches on the island of Haiti. Let yourself be lulled by the sound of the waves and the song of the birds. Smell the unique aroma of coffee and bite into a juicy mango. Learn about the great history of this small country, the richness of its culture, the taste of its cuisine, and the talent of its artists. Discover these joyful, welcoming people so proud to be Haitian!

An exciting, fun, and instructive journey around a game board with family and friends.

Monopoly Haïti… it’s magic!

All of Haiti in a box !

Roll your dice and travel through our beautiful country. Buy Bassin Bleu, rent Ile à Vache or sell Citadelle Henri. Mortgage a Gingerbread house. Build hotels and houses along the Côte des Arcadins. Avoid Jail on your way to Potay Leyogàn. Draw a Luck card and win the jackpot. And above all, be the last one not to go bankrupt!

Tour our Haiti Chéri with your loved one without leaving your couch.

Monopoly Haiti… it’s magic!

Small box, big deal !

Dimensions : 27x27x5cm 920gr. Fits in a backpack or in the bottom of a suitcase…

Contents : 1 game board, 8 pawns, 28 property titles, 16 Chance cards, 16 Community box cards, 1 pack of Monopoly banknotes, 32  houses, 12 hotels, 3 dice , rules of the game.

Each box is numbered and comes with a certificate of authenticity.

Trilingual : Creole, French and English

Monopoly Haïti… it’s magic !


As a member of the great family of Haitians living abroad, I am, like the majority of my compatriots, I miss my country every day…

Zel & Co was born out of this need to stay connected to Haiti.

Our mission : create objects whose sight, touch or taste will transport you to our beautiful country with the wave of a magic wand.

Our first baby: Monopoly Haiti! The ideal gift for all, Haitians in or out of the country, friends from all over the world , fans of boards game.

Zel & Co is the logical continuation of my involvement in the organisation “Liège Aide Haïti”, founded after the earthquake of 2010. :

With all my heart !

Signature Ketly Astier

Official release on December 12, 2022

You can now freely order your Haiti Monopoly. It will be sent to you as soon as possible.

Limited edition

Only 2000 boxes of the 2022 edtion are available Each box is numbered

Solidarity Edition

By purchasing Monopoly Haiti, you also help educate young Haitians! A part of the benefits will be donated to "Liège Aide Haïti", a non-profit organization.

Monopoly Haïti is a join-venture between Zel&Co and Dicogames who has been creating officials thematics versions of Monopoly for the past 15 years :